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PEO Information

Should you consider engaging a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) for your business?

Take this simple quiz:

  1. Our company is getting great rates for our Workers’ Compensation insurance: (Yes) – (No) – (Maybe. I need to learn more)
  2. Our company does a good job administering a Safety Program and contesting questionable Workers' Compensation claims: (Yes) – (No) – (Maybe, I need to learn more)
  3. Our Payroll and Tax Deposits are always on time and accurate: (Yes) – (No) – (Maybe. I need to learn more)
  4. Our employee / employment practices are always in line with state and federal regulations (DOL, OSHA, etc.): (Yes) – (No) – (Maybe. I need to learn more)
  5. Our health benefits plans, supplemental insurance plans and retirement plans are affordable for our company and are key factors in our employee retention planning: (Yes) – (No) – (Maybe. I need to learn more)
  6. Our company is fully compliant with all of the new Health Care Reform Rules & Regulations: (Yes) - (No) - (Maybe. I need to learn more)

If you answered yes to all of these questions… congratulations! You do not need to consider engaging a Professional Employer Organization. However, if you have any "No" or "Maybe" answers, it is time to talk about PEOs.  We will help you review the most appropriate and cost competitive solutions for your company.

Let's talk & we can discuss your situation...

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