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Administering your Human Resources

can be a NIGHTMARE...

Wouldn't you like to get it OFF YOUR DESK
and let someone else to handle it for you?

Payroll, Taxes, Workers' Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, Employee Benefits, Government Regulations & Compliance, Healthcare Reform, Safety & Risk Management, OSHA, Background Checks, Drug/Alcohol Policies & Testing, Hiring & Firing, COBRA…

Trying to administer your Human Resources on your own is more than a thicket… It’s a jungle!

  • How can a time-strapped business owner find the time to handle all of these HR obligations?

  • And if you pay one of your employees to administer your HR obligations, how do you know if they will do it correctly?

  • Is it fair to expect mere mortals to understand all the constantly changing government regulations, and how to be compliant with all of those regulations? And with the new Healthcare Reform- it's only going to get worse!

  • Wouldn't you like to have a strategy to effectively and proactively manage healthcare cost increases- while providing the benefits that employees want & that you can afford?

  • If there are questions about insurance coverage or a problem with a claim, who has time to duke it out with insurance companies, doctors and hospitals, or government bureaucrats?

  • Wouldn't you like help in recruiting the right employees, including newspaper and internet job board ad creation & placement, applicant screenings, testing & assessment, background checking & drug testing, and career transition planning?

What the business owner needs is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), who are experts in Human Resources Administration, and can handle it for you! They can handle ALL of your HR needs, and let you focus on building your business!

Handelman Insurance Advisors, Inc. can help you find THE RIGHT PEO for your situation.

Your situation is unique, and since we work with many of the top PEO organizations, we can tell you which ones are the most appropriate for your situation, including which ones...

  • Are better for Blue Collar vs. White Collar industries.

  • Are better when your Workers' Comp experience is good & which ones are better for employers who have had problems with their Workers's Comp claims- by helping you improve your safety programs, which can then help reduce your future rates.

  • Have the best Insurance Benefit Options, how they handle the underwriting process, and whether it's better to use their insurance benefits, or obtain them in the traditional insurance market.

We can help you investigate your various options & assist in setting up the programs that are most beneficial for your organization...

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